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Questions and Answers
Will my child still be able to pay cash for lunch?
Yes, cash will be accepted at the register.
What if the account runs out of funds before my next prepayment is received?
You can register at (formerly to receive low-balance email alerts. In the event that you have not replenished the account, your child in grades K-8 will be allowed to charge a lunch according to the Lancaster School District Charging Policy. Please view the Lancaster Central School website for charging policy details at
How will I know my child is not over-spending?
The system allows us to track student meal activity. You can designate if your child may spend any of their prepayment funds on snacks and set a predetermined limit, for example: 75¢ a day, $1 a day. Please call the food service department at 686-3246 for assistance with this matter.
The system will only allow a child to purchase one reimbursable lunch per day. If your child is accustomed to purchasing a double lunch, the second meal would be debited as an a la carte item.
Additional snacks and a la carte items can always be paid for in cash.
I have several children attending Lancaster Schools. How do I prepay for more than one child?
Prepayments for all children in one household may go on one check, simply fill out a separate prepayment coupon for each child and enclose all coupons with the check. You may also make online prepayments at
Where do I prepay?
Your cash or check prepayment can be sent into school with your child/children and given to the cafeteria staff. You may also make cash or check prepayments at the district food service office at 177 Central Avenue, Lancaster, NY 14086, Monday through Friday from 7:00 am until 3:00 pm or mailed to the same address. Credit card, debit card or e-check prepayments may also be made online at
What if my child loses his/her ID card?
Your child should report a lost or stolen ID card to his/her school office immediately. Encourage your child to remember his or her student ID number so that they can enter their student ID as a "PIN" for payment at the register. Children in grades K-3 will not have to use an ID card or PIN. The cafeteria staff will process their transactions using an electronic classroom roster.
What are the benefits of this system?
  • You can be assured that your child is spending his lunch money on food in the cafeteria
  • No more looking for cash at the last minute
  • More privacy for families receiving Free/Reduced priced meals
  • Lunch lines move faster with prepaid meals, giving students extra time to eat and relax during lunch
  • Prepayment allows for better security than cash
  • The ability to view your students Food Purchases for 90 day periods at a time
  • The ability to schedule recurring payments
  • The ability to set Automatic deposits when your child's account balance runs low
  • Low balance email notifications
What Lancaster Schools serve breakfast?
Breakfast is offered at all schools.  If you are eligible for Free or Reduced Lunch you are automatically eligible for Free or Reduced Breakfast.
More information, including our monthly lunch menus, Family Free/Reduced Lunch Application as well as links to nutrition information, can be found on our website at Or, phone us at 686-3245 or 686-3246.

**Checks are payable to the Lancaster Central School District and may be given to the cafeteria staff at any of the school buildings, delivered or mailed to the Food Service Department Office at 177 Central Avenue (annex building), Lancaster, New York 14086.