Lancaster Central School District

Centers of Learning and Growth

Lancaster Central School District
Curriculum and Instruction

We are charged with researching, monitoring and adjusting curriculum to align with state standards; with ensuring that rigorous and effective instruction is provided to our students; and with making appropriate auxiliary services available to students, such as remedial education, special education, nursing, social work, and/or home teaching.

All of our efforts are focused on student achievement. Our staff collects and studies assessment data and uses it to adjust curriculum and/or instruction. District needs in curriculum and instruction are constantly evaluated. Our Comprehensive District Education Plan (CDEP) is the tool we use for assessing needs and developing strategies for improving student achievement.

Often these needs are addressed through professional development for our teachers.Training is on-going and is offered through district-sponsored classes, BOCES workshops and other venues. An extensive mentoring program for first-year teachers is also provided.

The integration of curriculum and technology is another area of responsibility. Our technology integration specialist examines software and web-based programs that aid or enhance instruction and trains teachers in their use. Every New York State school district is required to have a technology plan, and our districts commitment to educational technology is evidenced in every classroom and media center.

For questions or concerns, the following administrators may be contacted:

Marie Perini, Ed.D.
Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum, Instruction and Pupil Personnel Services
K. Marchioli
Karen Marchioli

Director of Elementary Education (K-6)
M. Perini
Andrew Kufel, Ph.D.
Director of Secondary Education (7-12)

Michele Ziegler
Director of Instructional Technology and Accountability
J. Armstrong
John Armstrong
Director of Special Education

Sandra Cammarata

Assistant Director of Special Education

Support Staff:

Curriculum Office:
Barbara Fox - 686-3207
Charlene Mestre - 686-3390
Kathy Nickles - 686-3208

Technology Curriculum Mentors:
Jill Santoro - 686-0132
Robin Zahm - 686-0132
Jason Zuba - 686-0132
Pupil Personnel Services Office:
Sue Crane - 686-3216

Special Education Office:
Laurie Myers - 686-3217
Barb Piniewski - 686-3381
Beth Lauricella - 686-3874
District Registrar and Attendance:
Deborah Mascia - 686-3218