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Building Academic Vocabulary

Educators know there are student factors outside of school, such as home life and childhood experiences, that have a big influence on student success in school. New research has shown that one factor in particular—academic vocabulary—is one of the strongest indicators of how well students will learn subject area content when they come to school.
~ Robert Marzano

The Six Step Process for Building Academic Vocabulary helps students develop a deeper understanding of the terms.  So when all six steps are put together, there is a method of introducing words in a non-threatening way, allowing the students to process those words in multiple modalities, multiple times, and then finally have fun with the words.

Students use the Building Academic Vocabulary Template to record their vocabulary terms and develop deep understanding of each term.  Throughout the school year, students add new information about their terms as their understanding of the terms deepens and matures.
District teams choose the most important vocabulary terms to teach to all students. All Lancaster Central School District Vocabulary Terms are extracted from national standards documents, across 12 subject areas, and are organized into grade-level intervals.

LCSD Vocabulary Terms

Grade Level




Grade One


Grade Two


Grade Three


Grade Four


Grade Five


Grade Six


Special Area (K-6)


Middle School

High School