William Street School

Lancaster Central School District

Centers of Learning and Growth

2017-2018 William Street School PTO

Principal: Mrs. Jacqueline Bull
Assistant Principal: Mr. Greg Heer
Assistant Principal: Mrs. Stacy Conti
4th Grade Teacher Rep: Ms. Sue Reid
5th Grade Teacher Rep: Mrs. Amy Vrana, Mrs. Robin Heer
6th Grade Teacher Rep: Mr. John Litz
To contact any of the above, click here: http://www.lancasterschools.org/Page/4064

PTO Officers

President: Chrissy Forcier- 220-6091
Vice President: Kristi Perillo-Okeke- 998-2374
Treasurer: Karri Zwirlein- 213-7959
Secretary: Sue Wrotny- 380-1615
PTO Executive Board Members
Jodi Beckman- 432-7532
 Denise Domagalski- 432-8996
Sarah Goodyear - 957-2405
 Edie Pliszka - 566-0560
Lori Beth Roberts - 310-9168
Elizabeth Sage- 901-1021 
District PTO Reps
Lori Beth Roberts
Elizabeth Sage
To contact the PTO by email, please use our general email: wsspto2017@gmail.com 
Last Modified on September 12, 2017