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Tami Augugliaro SNS,  Lunch Manager
Kristine Voight, Account Clerk Typist

**NEW MEAL PRICES FOR 2016-2017**
LUNCH GRADES K - 3 ---$2.20
LUNCH GRADES 4 - 6--- $2.50
 LUNCH GRADES 7-12 ---$2.65
 All school buildings will be serving BREAKFAST! 
 Breakfast Grab - N- Go Cart located in Junior & Senior Hall
New smartphone mobile app is available to pay for students' meals.. 
Funds on Prepaid accounts carry over from year to year and building to building. Remaining funds on graduating seniors accounts will be transfered to a sibling's account...if none exists, a refund check will be issued and mailed home.   

Online food service payment: (formerly

Lancaster Central School District Food Service Department has always and continues to pride itself on promoting nutritious and wholesome meals. The Federal Government has made sweeping changes to the requirements for school meals. These new requirements are part of the Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act, signed by President Obama in December 2010. These are the first major changes to the school lunch guidelines in 30 years.
To summarize, some of the most noticeable changes being implemented are more fruits and vegetables,more whole grains, the elimination of 1% flavored milk, to be replaced by flavored fat free milk and mandated price increases. Lunch will cost $2.20 for students in grades K-3, $2.50 for students in grades 4-6 and $2.65 for students in grades 7-12. That is an increase of $.10 for K-3 students, $.10 for 4-6 students, and $.10 for 7-12 students. BREAKFAST IS AVAILABLE AT ALL SCHOOL BUILDINGS at a cost of $1.25. The price changes do not affect students who are on free and reduced lunches.
We appreciate your students continued participation in our breakfast and lunch program.  We strive to offer meals that are balanced and flavorful while using every opportunity to teach healthy eating habits

School lunches and breakfasts are subsidized by the state and federal governments to help schools keep the cost per lunch down. Subsidies are available for families who are eligible for free or reduced lunch and breakfast program. A family application is mailed to each home in August and also distributed to all students the first week of September. Applications are also available at each school office, at the district food service office, and also by clicking the link on the left. Eligibility guidelines are established by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA). Parents are strongly encouraged to complete the form, if eligible. The cost for a student who is eligible for a reduced price breakfast and lunch is 25¢ per meal.

Families are encouraged to pre-pay for lunches. Prepayment can be made in person with cash or a check made payable to the Lancaster Central School District or online at For more information on the how tos and benefits of prepayment, click on the links to the left.

Menus may also be accessed by clicking the link on the left.

Charging Policy. There is NO CHARGING of any type (meals, ala carte, or snacks) allowed at the Lancaster High School.   Elementary, William Street and Middle School students are able to incur a maximum charge total of $15.  Only meals may be charged.  No snacks or ala carte items may be charged.   

Further, snacks will not be sold to any student who has cash but has a current negative account balance.

This policy applies to all paying students whether they are paying full-price or reduced price.

A student who abuses this policy may be denied a meal. If school authorities suspect that a student may be abusing this policy, they will first provide written notice to the parent/guardian if he/she continues to abuse this policy, the ability to charge any meals will then be refused.